SEOUL, Korea (Wireless Flash) – Three restaurant owners in Seoul, Korea, have been jailed for selling leftover sausages and ham from a U.S. Army canteen. The meat remnants – which were intended only for livestock – were used to create a spicy stew known as “army soup.”

OMAHA, Neb. – A Nebraska man hopes to pin himself in the record books for having the most body piercings in one sitting. 21-year-old Matt Brown had 171 piercings done in one day – most of them on his arms. He’s currently waiting on pins and needles for confirmation of the record from the Guinness Book of World Record.

LOS ANGELES – Batman star Adam West won’t be playing it straight in his next role. The TV star is set to star on an upcoming Drew Carey Show playing the gay lover of Max Gail, best known as Barney Miller’s “Wojo.”

LONDON – Johnny Depp will be appearing in a December 15 episode of his all-time favorite British TV show, Brilliant! Depp will play a naive American tourist who endures outrageously rude treatment from two tailors. The episode airs on BBC America.

BUDAPEST – The festivities at a pig slaughtering party in Darvaspuszta, Hungary, ended in tragedy when a Croatian man shocked himself to death with a homemade electric stun gun while trying to stun the pig. The accident upset the pig’s owner so much that he suffered a heart attack and died too.

NASHVILLE – Elvis Presley will be inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame later today (Nov. 27) in a ceremony at The People’s Church in Franklin, south of Nashville. He will now be the only musician to be in the gospel music, rock ’n’ roll and country music halls of fame.

NEW YORK – “It’s grim. It’s gross,” stated Emma Watson, the girl who plays Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movie when asked how she feels about an action figure made to look like her. Her co-star Rupert Grint, who plays Ron Weasley, says it’s scary to think people are going to be playing with him.

LONDON – It sounds nutty but a 48-year-old London man is accusing a hungry squirrel of giving him whiplash. The man was testing a bird-feeding hat when the squirrel jumped out of a tree to grab the bird seed on the hat, whipping the man’s head back.

TOKYO – A single bee stopped four trains in Japan this past weekend when it got stuck in a circuit board at the Kiroshi train station switching point.

VIENNA – An Austrian judge has convicted a man of selling his friend 50 grams of cocoa powder and claiming it was heroin.