Headlines for: 11-27-2001

UNDER THE COVERS OF AMERICANS’ SEX LIVES ATLANTA (Wireless Flash) – A new survey conducted by a condom manufacturer is taking a peek under the covers of Americans’ sex lives. The poll by Durex reveals the average American has sex 124 times a year

‘SUZY CHAPSTICK’ TURNS 55 (NOV. 29) TELLURIDE, Colo. (Wireless Flash) – The name “Suzy Chapstick” may not have been on your lips for awhile – but the woman who inspired the name turns 55 tomorrow (Nov. 29).

DO YOUR PATRIOTIC DUTY: STOP DRINKING DIET SODA KANSAS CITY, Mo. (Wireless Flash) – A retired nurse in Kansas City claims Americans have a patriotic duty to stop drinking diet soda. Allie Dawson calls soda “the single worst ‘food’ ever

5TH DIMENSION SINGER ADDS NEW DIMENSION TO CHRISTMAS CAROLS LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) – A member of the 1960s-era pop group the 5th Dimension is adding a new dimension to her career. Florence LaRue has recorded her first solo recording in her 40-year

‘SOPRANOS’ COSTUMERS HOT ‘N’ BOTHERED BY NYC FIREFIGHTERS NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – Two women who design costumes for the Sopranos are getting hot and bothered over five of New York’s finest firefighters.

ART EXHIBIT FEATURES ONLY THE FRAMES SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash) – If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much would the frame be worth? Art lovers will find out next month when the San Diego Museum of Art opens

PETTY THEFT HELPED BEN STILLER’S PARENTS FALL IN LOVE NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – The best way to steal a man’s heart might be to commit a crime. Hey, it worked for Ben Stiller’s parents.

RESEARCHER CLAIMS KING TUT WAS JESUS Cornwall, U.K. (Wireless Flash) – A British engineer has manufactured the strangest reincarnation theory in centuries: King Tut was Jesus Christ.

BOARD GAME JARS MEMORIES OF OLDSTERS DALLAS (Wireless Flash) – Finally, there’s a board game with questions that even a forgetful person can get right. Dr. Lurline Morrow, a lay minister from Dallas, has created a board game

FLASH LITES: RIP ‘N’ READ POP CULTURE RECAP PHILADELPHIA (Wireless Flash) – A twentysomething woman turned a recent screening of Harry Potter into an episode of “Bare Knobs and Broomsticks.” The lady stripped down to a lacy white bra in the lobby of