FARGO, Minn. (Wireless Flash) – Minnesota police are investigating the mysterious death of a Japanese tourist who was trying to find money she thought was buried there, based on clues from the movie Fargo. The 28- year-old Tokyo woman was last seen heading to Fargo with a homemade map. Her body was later found by a hunter and police say there were no signs of foul play.

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. – It looks like the sculptors of a new statue of Sonny Bono need to bone up on their skills. According to MSNBC gossip columnist Jeannette Walls, folks who’ve seen the $150,000 statue in Palm Springs, California, are complaining it looks nothing like the late pop star- turned-politician.

DUNEDIN, New Zealand – A New Zealand brewery will have to stop selling beer bearing the same name as Homer Simpson’s favorite brew. Simpsons studio 20th Century Fox has threatened to sue Duffs Brewery unless it changes its name. The brewery says it will now brew its beer under the name McDuffs.

NEW YORK – Sean “Puffy” Combs gave stargazers more than they bargained for at a recent wedding in Miami. The rap impresario did an impromptu striptease while standing on a balcony overlooking a wedding reception at the Shore Club hotel. Partygoers cheered at the sight of “The Full Puffy,” according to the New York Post.

BEIJING – If it’s good enough for Bob Dole, it’s good enough for endangered tigers: Animal keepers in China are dosing a male South China Tiger with Viagra in hopes it will encourage him to breed with his mate.

LONDON – A five-year-old gelding racehorse in England has been shunned ever since the war on Afghanistan began because of his unfortunate name – Taleban. The owner has tried to get announcers to pronounce his name as Tale Ban and has even considered changing it officially.

DESERT AIRSTRIP, Afghanistan – U.S. Marine trucks scrambled into action yesterday in Southern Afghanistan where they nearly blew up a camel. Security mistook the beast for an unidentified vehicle.

ENGLEWOOD, N.J. – The owner of a Jaguar automobile once belonging to Frank Sinatra which had been donated to a charity auction benefiting September 11 victims now says she wants it back. A winning bid of $20,000 was made, but the New Jersey woman says she set a minimum price of $20K on the car and thinks she could get twice as much for it.

OSAKA, Japan – A hot-to-trot Japanese fireman who thought he had bought aphrodisiacs from a friend was arrested when the pills turned out to be amphetamines. The fireman had stashed about $4,700 worth of pills around his home and work.

NEW YORK – Mel Gibson and Nicole Kidman have noses to die for. According to a poll by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the two Aussie actors have the most desirable noses around.