DOVER, Fla. (Wireless Flash) – Once a peeping Tom, always a peeping Tom: A Florida man arrested twice for peeping up women’s skirts using a tiny camera attached to his shoe is now being accused of doing the same trick to ladies at his probation office.

INGELBY BARWICK, England – A tipple-prone tomcat in England is being treated for liver problems after repeatedly sneaking off to his local pub and lapping up customer’s drinks, according to the Sun tabloid.

BONN, Germany – A terminally-ill German man plans to have porn videos laid on his coffin instead of flowers when he dies. The 68-year-old kinkster had to get permission from local authorities to have the sexy salute.

JAKARTA, Indonesia – Indonesian timber thieves have found a novel way to evade arrest in the country’s forests. They get their wives to strip as soon as they see a ranger. Law enforcement officials admit the plan works because most officers “don’t have the heart to hurt a nude housewife.”

NEW YORK – Which Ocean’s Eleven star would get the most mistletoe kisses from American women? According to a poll by Date.com, George Clooney garners 35 percent of the vote and Brad Pitt gets 31 percent. However, most men would probably be more interested in the two percent of ladies who want to lock lips with Julia Roberts.

NEW YORK – According to the new issue of Spin magazine, Iggy Pop dove off the stage at a recent concert in Germany into what he thought was the adoring arms of the crowd. The frightened fans, however, failed to catch him and the 54-year-old punk rocker crashed to the floor.

HOLLYWOOD – A computer animated Curious George could be on its way to theaters soon. According to Variety, David Silverman, co- director of Monsters, Inc., is considering helming the film for Universal Pictures. The studio previously planned a live-action version.

TEHRAN, Iran – A 28-year-old Iranian man died at his wedding yesterday when he licked honey off his bride’s finger and choked on one of her fake fingernails.

LONDON – A British artist flung eggs at an exhibit that won Britain’s Turner Prize yesterday because she said it was a gimmick. The winning piece was a bare room with lights that turn on and off. Other entries included a dusty storeroom piled high with junk and a video about two gay cowboys.

LOS ANGELES – Universal Pictures is remaking its 1954 film Creature From the Black Lagoon. Producing it will be Gary Ross and father Arthur A. Ross – who co-wrote the original film’s screenplay.