NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – Lovebirds Pam Anderson and Kid Rock don’t agree on everything – take hunting for instance. Rock tells the New York Post that his former hunting hobby is “a touchy thing” with his animal rights-loving honey. Rock thinks there’s nothing wrong with killing an animal for dinner, but says he has to respect Pam’s beliefs because he loves her.

MALVERN, Pa. – Kids will be able to track Santa’s sleigh as he travels round the globe this year thanks to a website run by the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). The site, Noradsanta.org, will also feature snaps of the big guy caught by “santacams” at world landmarks such as the Egyptian pyramids.

LOS ANGELES – Veteran porn actor Ron Jeremy claims having sex on camera is “the purest form of acting.” In the new documentary, Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy, he states “It’s the kind of acting that Lee Strasberg and Stanislavski used to teach. You know, that you’re so immersed in your character, you’re inside looking out and the audience doesn’t exist.”

VICTORIA, B.C. – Ex-Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau is popping up again – this time on women’s panties. A Victoria, British Columbia-based lingerie designer is behind the new line of skivvies and says they’re becoming quite popular.

NEW SOUTH WALES, Australia – An Australian cop was recently arrested on charges of corruption. But the thousands of dollars he pirated or the heroin he sold isn’t what’s making fellow Aussie officers see red. Senior Constable David Patison sold his badge to a local drug dealer and cops from the land down under are calling it sacrilege.

TORONTO – A well-known drag queen in Toronto is throwing “her” hat into the ring to be the party leader for the right-wing Canadian Alliance. 37-year-old Enza “Supermodel” Anderson, who once ran and lost the city’s mayoral election, says “she” wants to head the party so it can “...become more diverse to beat the Liberals.”

PISA, Italy – The Leaning Tower of Pisa reopened to tourists on Saturday after being closed for 11 years because its tilt was too dangerous. Engineers made the tower safe again in June by reducing the slant by almost 16 inches. Experts say the reinforced tower will stand for at least another 400 years.

SYDNEY, Australia – Although singer Kylie Minogue claims she’s being visited by the ghost of ex-boyfriend, INXS singer Michael Hutchence, she’s not spooked at all. Although Hutchence killed himself in 1997, Minogue says he visits her from beyond the grave to say, “It’s OK.”

NAGOYA, Japan – Guys, too much bug-spray can also zap your sperm. Japanese researchers have made that conclusion after analyzing 90 men who spray insecticide for a living. Apparently, the spray doesn’t kill the sperm but it does reduce its energy level.

TOKYO – The Segway could turn into a “Seg-War” because a Japanese professor claims he invented the two-wheeled scooter before American inventor Dean Kamen. Kazuo Yamafuji says he patented his version in 1996, but only in Japan.