NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – Singer Macy Gray may be typecast as a soul singer but she’s also a great typist. According to Rosie Magazine, Gray can actually type 60 words a minute.

LOS ANGELES – Rob Zombie isn’t taking much time off for the holidays. During a recent three-week break, Zombie managed to direct new videos for himself and Ozzy Osbourne, both of which will be released in the new year.

NEW ORLEANS, La. – It sounds all wet but a hot sauce company in New Orleans, Louisiana, is releasing what it claims is the world’s first dry hot sauce. The Melinda’s brand of dry hot sauce will hit stores in the next few weeks.

LONDON – Hugh Grant and Liz Hurley have been seen hanging out again and, a London bookmaker is giving 7 to 2 odds they will become a couple again.

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. – Movie fans will get their first chance to rap Eminem’s debut movie, 8 Mile, later today. Access Hollywood is debuting the trailer for the film, which also stars Kim Basinger, and opens next summer.

MC LEAN, Va. – An apple a day keeps asthma away, according to researchers at London’s Kings College, who also claim that smokers who eat apples are healthier than those who don’t.

CHICAGO – The Hilton hotel in Chicago will be unveiling a new martini for 2002 on New Year’s Eve: The “Uncle Sam.” The red, white and blue concoction has a champagne ice slush base, a layer of grenadine liquor and a layer of blue curacao on top garnished with an American flag.

KENT, Ohio – Eagles rocker Joe Walsh was recently awarded an honorary degree in music at Kent State University, the same school where he dropped out in 1967. Walsh says, “I didn’t have a clue about life when I started college, except that I knew I was dumb.”

BEIJING – Doctors in northern China say they have removed from a 21-year- old woman the undeveloped fetus of her twin sister. Experts say when the girls were in their mother’s womb, only one fetus developed and the living girl encased the dead one inside her body. It’s unclear from what part of the body the fetus was removed.

CALCUTTA, India – City officials in Calcutta, India, have agreed to designate areas of the city to be known as “Love Zones.” The decision was made after an activist group complained there are not enough areas in the city for courting couples to court without being bugged by policemen and busy-bodies.