LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) – The UPN network’s Los Angeles affiliate is reporting that Beatle George Harrison died in a Beverly Hills mansion owned by Paul McCartney. The home sits near a tree-lined road close to the UCLA Medical Center and was initially kept secret when the singer died a few weeks ago.

RICHMOND, Va. – A towing company employee has been arrested and charged with taking an unauthorized ride in rapper Missy Elliott’s Lamborghini Diablo sports car and demolishing it in the process. The alleged joy ride took place on October 9, and Elliott claims the man hit a speed limit sign and crashed the car into a tree before abandoning it.

ROME – E.T.s apparently think Italy is a good place to “pasta” time because UFO sightings have doubled in the past year, according to the Italian Center of UFO Study.

HELSINKI – A Finnish court is raising a stink over a Helsinki fish monger who allowed his fish to “suffer” letting them wiggle on the shop counter until sold. Magnus Ekstrom paid nearly $200 in fines and legal fees and says “Usually people want fish to be as fresh as possible.”

GLOUCESTER, England – The phrase, Judge not lest ye be judged is getting new meaning in Gloucester, England, where a 69-year-old judge was forced to order a retrial on a rape case because he fell asleep during the defense lawyer’s summation speech.

SHANGHAI – Health inspectors in Shanghai will begin cracking down on hotpot restaurants that allegedly lace dishes with opium poppyseeds to encourage repeat business.

STONY BROOK, N.Y. – Remember former Commander Scott Waddle who rammed a Japanese fishing boat with a U.S. submarine? Well, a New York-based psychologist Dr. Susan Battley has named the catastrophe the “Top Attention Deficit of 2001.”

LONDON – Paul McCartney’s bride to be, Heather Mills, is defending herself against claims she is marrying Mac just for his billion dollar fortune. Mills recently told British media, “If I was going to go out with anybody for their money, it would be someone a lot richer.”

CAMBRIDGE, New Zealand – A New Zealand teen is proving that you can’t keep a good graffiti artist down. When 18-year-old “tagger” Aaron James Maaka was recently jailed for a series of vandalism crimes, he used the zipfly of his pants to carve his tag name, “Quest,” into the cell wall.

HONOLULU, Hawii – The recent death of Big Country frontman Stuart Adamson, is leaving some fans feeling let down – mainly because his best known song, “In A Big Country,” features the words “stay alive” in the chorus.