NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – Watch out George W. Bush: You might be replaced by Batman. The Caped Crusader is the No. 1 superhero Americans would want as a leader, according to a new survey by the Robert A. Becker EURO RSCG advertising agency.

HONG KONG – A survey by the Chinese University of Hong Kong reveals that 60,000 adults in Hong Kong wet their beds because of work-related problems. The study found that people were most likely to wet their beds when choosing a job or when they were worried about job performance.

BAGHDAD – A new romance novel set in post-Gulf War Iraq believed to be written by Saddam Hussein recently hit book stores and is getting rave reviews. Iraqi media call it an “innovation which nobody has managed to achieve during the past century,” which has lead many to believe Saddam is behind the glowing reviews.

LOS ANGELES – Paul McCartney is denying the reports by a Los Angeles television station that friend and former band member George Harrison died in his LA home. McCartney insists he doesn’t even own a house in California.

HOUSTON – Winter may be cold but a lot of Americans are still getting red hot. According to a new survey by Adam & Eve sex toys, winter is the most popular season to have sex.

PARIS – The Big Brother concept is being turned into a book by a French TV network. The new show, Do You Know The Story? will center on four real-life authors who are trapped in a house and forced to write a book together.

LOS ANGELES – Oscar-winning actress Holly Hunter probably had a blue Christmas: Her husband has filed for divorce in Los Angeles, citing irreconcilable differences.

SYDNEY – Kate And Leopold actor Hugh Jackman will have a huge ego when he hears this news: He’s been chosen Australia’s sexiest man in a contest sponsored by an Australian woman’s magazine. Jackman beat out Heath Ledger, Mel Gibson and Russell Crowe.

EDMONTON, Alberta – A newborn baby in Edmonton, Alberta, had a crappy birth – it was prematurely born in the toilet. The baby’s mother, Cari Birth, sat on the can when her water broke and when she looked down, there was her new child, Christian.

SYDNEY – Child psychologists in Australia have condemned a colleague’s decision to grant a 15-year-old boy with terminal cancer his dying request: To have sex with a hooker before he died. The doctor justifies the pimping as “a part of therapy.”