Around the Weird: Bizarre News Briefs

Around the Weird: Bizarre News Briefs

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (Wireless Flash) – Shades of Something About Mary: Police in Virginia Beach, Virginia, are searching local hospitals for a flasher whose manhood got stuck in his zipper when one of his victims yanked up his fly in self-defense.

BANGKOK, Thailand – Lonely hearts are drowning their sorrows and then smashing the bottles on pictures of the folks who dumped them at a new bar in Thailand. The Love Sick Pub and Restaurant in Bangkok also has rooms set aside for crying and screaming about your ex.

HARTLEPOOL, England – A lot of people have called politicians monkeys and politics “monkeybusiness,” but a mayoral candidate in Hartlepool, England, actually IS a monkey. That’s right, when Stuart Drummond, 28, isn’t campaigning, he dresses up in a plush monkey costume as “H’Angus The Monkey,” mascot for the town’s soccer team.

CLEVELAND – India is being exposed to “Washy Talky,” a talking washing machine that can communicate to users in two languages according to the U.S. headquarters of the Electrolux company. The machine says commands like “drop detergent, close lid and relax” in both English and Hindi.

LUNENBURG, Mass. – In honor of the 100th anniversary of the teddy bear, the Massachusetts-based Appraisal Day Auction Gallery will be holding an online auction of 4,000 vintage bears starting April 8. Collectors believe the teddy bear fad began in 1902 when a cartoon based on real events depicted President Theodore Roosevelt refusing to shoot a bear on a hunting trip.