Flash Lites: Rip ‘N’ Read Pop Culture Recap

Flash Lites: Rip ‘N’ Read Pop Culture Recap

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J. (Wireless Flash) – Who has the most stylish costumes on the silver screen? Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts, that’s who. The two stars have just won honors from the Rit Dye Entertainment Awards. Other well-costumed celebs include music goddesses Destiny’s Child, and TV’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sarah Michelle Gellar.

SYDNEY, Australia – A motorcycle that was ridden by Kylie Minogue and INXS singer Michael Hutchence has sold for $30,000 to an Australian businessman, who plans to put it on display in a new Sydney hotel.

NEW YORK – Kelsey Grammer is a rat. Well, at least he’s playing one in a new TV show. The Frasier star will voice the title character in the new cartoon, Gary the Rat, a lawyer who wakes up one morning to discover he’s turned into a rodent. The show debuts on TNN next year.

SYDNEY, Australia – It might sound strange but if it wasn’t for Boy George there wouldn’t be a Virgin Records or a Virgin Airlines. That’s at least that Virgin’s head honcho Sir Richard Branson recently told Sydney, Australia’s Undercover.com. Branson said it was Boy George’s mega-success with Culture Club on Virgin Records that pulled the company out of its slump and made it what it is today.

NEW YORK – After her talk show wraps, Rosie O’Donnell is heading for the director’s chair. She tells Fox News Channel she’s been greenlighted to write and direct a film for Showtime based on the young adult novel America.

Wed 04-17-02