In Brief

In Brief

PALM BEACH, Fla. (Wireless Flash) – It’s game, set and lawsuit for tennis pros Venus and Serena Williams, who are being sued by a sports promotion group for allegedly backing out of a match that would have pitted them against John and Patrick McEnroe. Lawyers for Women’s Sports Zone say the sisters breached their contract for the event, dubbed “Battle of the Sexes, Part II.”

WASHINGTON – Harry Potter must be saying wingardium levi-uh- oh over the Harry Potter “MagicPotion Bottle” key chain. Hallmark Cards Inc. is recalling the fluid-filled key chain because it can leak a potentially hazardous liquid which could be harmful if swallowed by children.

SAN FRANCISCO – A California state appeals court says it’s not libel to call someone a “skank” on the radio. The court finally settled a case brought against two San Francisco radio DJs by one of the female contestants on Fox’s Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire in 2000. The DJs called the woman everything from a “local loser” to a “chicken-butt” to a “skank.”

SINGAPORE – Talk about taking a bite out of crime: A Singapore woman recently fended off a mugger by biting him on the fingers. Things only get worse for the criminal: He was sentenced to three years in prison and six strokes of a cane, according to the Straits Times.

LOS ANGELES – You’ve heard of cat ladies but what about rabbit ladies? It happens: The SPCA recently raided a Los Angeles home where a woman was housing 250 bunnies. The Los Angeles Times reports that, sadly, many pets were injured and some were dead.