Flash Lites: Rip ‘N’ Read Pop Culture Recap

Flash Lites: Rip ‘N’ Read Pop Culture Recap

LONDON (Wireless Flash) – England’s Queen Elizabeth plans to lead her subjects in a sing-a-long of the Beatles tune “All You Need Is Love” in honor of her 50th anniversary on the throne June 3. However, there’s no word on whether she’ll be using her scepter as a bouncing ball to follow the lyrics.

NEW YORK – The producers behind the teen pop band Dream Street belong on Sleaze Street – at least, that’s what the boys’ parents are alleging in a lawsuit. The suit claims producers offered the boys booze and encouraged them to have sex with teen girls. But band co-creator Louis Baldonieri denies the charges, telling the New York Post the parents made up the claims to get their kids out of their contract.

SYDNEY – Mel Gibson is going mad – again. He wants to star in Mad Max 4 but tells Sydney Confidential that there are some financing issues that still need to be worked out. However, he says he doesn’t understand why, after all his success, the studios still don’t trust him.

DALLAS – Muhummad Ali may not be “The Greatest” forever. According to Blockbuster Video, nearly 20 percent of adults under 34 predict Will Smith will be remembered more than Ali in 100 years.

Wed 04-24-02