Flash Lites: Rip ‘N’ Read Pop Culture Recap

Flash Lites: Rip ‘N’ Read Pop Culture Recap

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – Most musicians debut new songs on the radio, but country crooner turned TV star Billy Ray Cyrus is doing it on TV. He’ll premiere a new tune, “Time Flies,” on the May 12 episode of his PAX-TV show Doc.

LONDON – Kylie Minogue has the body British women envy most. According to a survey by Garnier cosmetics, 40 percent chose Kylie’s curves as the best, followed by Catherine Zeta Jones. Meanwhile, model Kate Moss’ bod comes in last place.

LOS ANGELES – It’s no stunt: Apocalypse Now received 7 nominations for the 2001 World Stunt Awards – even though it was released in 1979. Stunt experts say the rereleased version, Apocalypse Now Redux, qualifies for the honor because the awards didn’t exist back then. The winners will be announced May 19.

LONDON – Papa Roach’s Coby Dick is pulling a Puff Daddy – he’s changing his name. The rocker recently told NME.com, he’s decided to go back to using his birth name, Jacoby Shaddix, because he doesn’t like how all the articles on his band quote him by saying “Dick says.”

LONDON – “The Night I Fell in Love,” A song off The Pet Shop Boys’ new record, Release, tells the story of a teenage boy who meets Eminem at a show, finds out the rapper is gay, and then has sex with him at his hotel.

SYDNEY – Move over Russell and Keanu, Dennis Quaid is a rocker now, too. According to Undercover.com, Quaid’s new band, Dennis Quaid and the Sharks, is currently planning to tour Australia.

Thu 04-25-02