Around the Weird: Bizarre News Briefs

Around the Weird: Bizarre News Briefs

STANFORD, Calif. – Student dormitories are being overrun by squirrels at Stanford University according to the San Francisco Chronicle. It seems the rodents are eating leftovers, shredding papers and pooping in the students rooms so often that the University has decided to install window screens in the dorms.

FAIRFIELD, Iowa – Twenty years ago, New Jersey’s Scott Safran set the highest score ever on the video game Asteroids. Now, he’s being awarded the official title of Asteroids World Champion by Twin Galaxies, a company that tracks and records video game scores. Only problem is, Safran died in 1989, and the company wasn’t aware that he had died until recently. The record-setter’s family will now accept the posthumous award.

CHICAGO – According to a survey by Orbit White Gum, 60 percent of people say they’d never kiss a person with yellow teeth, compared to 54 percent who won’t pucker up with someone with acne and 35 percent who say a “unibrow” is a turn-off.

SHIMONOSEKI, Japan – The newest Japanese fast food treat will have a whale of a time crossing over the U.S. A new restaurant called Kujiraya is packing customers in with a whale burger that is served with barbecue sauce between two rice cakes.

NEW YORK – Love seems to be blooming this spring. According to a survey by, 63 percent of men and 69 percent of women admit they are feeling “more romantic (and horny too!) with the arrival of spring.”