Around the Weird: Bizarre News Briefs

Around the Weird: Bizarre News Briefs

LA CROSSE, Wis. (Wireless Flash) – You’ve heard of flashers – what about flash and washers? Police in La Crosse, Wisconsin, have: they’re currently searching for a man who walked into a local laundromat, stripped off all his clothes and place them in a dryer, then tried to chat up some female customers. Alas, he was foiled. The women laughed at the nude guy, reports the La Crosse Tribune.

HARTLEPOOL, England – English soccer mascot Stuart Drummond is trading his monkey suit for a business suit now that he’s been elected mayor of the town of Hartlepool. Drummond is resigning his post as mascot H’Angus the Monkey because he thinks his constituents “...don’t want a big furry 7 ft. monkey, they want somebody who is serious.”

BEIJING – The Great Wall of China also makes a great camera. A Chinese artist recently turned a beacon tower into the world’s largest pinhole camera to take a 12-foot-tall picture of the wall.

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – An irate woman in Argentina set herself on fire after her bank’s ATM machine refused to allow a withdrawal recently. Police say although she doused herself with alcohol and lit herself on fire she was not seriously injured.

SEOUL, South Korea – A South Korean film is getting more buzz for its use of 825 nude college coeds instead of its intended message – man’s corrupted modern life. The film titled Mago isn’t erotic, but features nude bodies covered with mud and pollution.