Flash Lites: Rip ‘N’ Read Pop Culture Recap

Flash Lites: Rip ‘N’ Read Pop Culture Recap

LONDON (Wireless Flash) – Gladiator hunk Russell Crowe has hired a real-life gladiator to help him lose weight. London’s Sun tabloid reports trainer Lourene Bevaart, who appeared on an Australian version of American Gladiators, is helping Crowe slim down for a role as a Navy captain in Far Side of the World, which starts filming next month. She previously helped the burly actor tone up for his roles in Proof of Life and A Beautiful Mind.

NEW YORK – Who does Jay-Z think he is, the king? The rap mogul dissed the king of Morocco at a recent R&B concert. The New York Post reports the Moroccan king asked Jay to join him at his table, but the hip- hopper turned him down flat.

NEW YORK – Nelly Furtado’s song “I’m Like A Bird” may be autobiographical. She tells YM magazine that when she was young, she pretended pet chickens were her friends.

LOS ANGELES – Ex-Xena star Lucy Lawless gave birth to a bouncing baby boy yesterday at her home in New Zealand. She named the 8-pound 8-ounce tyke Juda Miro Tapert.

NEW YORK – There’ll be an opening for a George W. Bush impersonator on Saturday Night Live now that Will Ferrell has announced he will not be returning to the sketch comedy show after the end of this season.

Wed 05-08-02