Around the Weird: Bizarre News Briefs

Around the Weird: Bizarre News Briefs

SINGAPORE (Wireless Flash) – A nail clipper-wielding robber has left an 81-year-old grandma in Singapore with scratches on her arm after a scuffle in an elevator. And for all his efforts, the man only retrieved $10, reports The Straits Times.

CHESTER, Pa. – College students who are too afraid to study abroad in Israel are getting a chance to meet students in the Holy Land online. Later today, will be holding an online chat between Philadelphia- based college students and pupils in Israel in a “virtual study abroad” session.

WASHINGTON – What happened to freedom of speech? Police in Washington, D.C. recently ticketed a wheelchair-bound man for swearing in a metro station when he couldn’t find a working elevator to take him to an exit. The Washington Post reports the man, who suffers from cerebral palsy, was fined $25 because it’s against the law to use that kind of language in the station.

BEIJING – A chef in Beijing, China, has set a new noodle record by hand- making 1,780 miles worth of pasta from one kilogram of dough. The strands were so thin, 18 can fit through the eye of a needle.

NEW YORK – Men who cheat have a 10 percent chance of getting away with it. According to, 10 percent of women say if they caught their man having sex with another woman, they would “keep their head in the sand.” However, only 5 percent of guys would do the same.

PANAMA CITY, Fla. – A former Hooters waitress who sued the restaurant over a case of mis-communication has settled her lawsuit. 27-year-old Jodee Berry from Panama City, Florida, won a beer sales contest last May thinking her prize was a Toyota, when in truth she had won a Star Wars toy Yoda action figure. The details of her settlement are confidential, but her lawyer says she can now go to a local car dealership and “pick out whatever type of Toyota she wants.”