Around The Weird: Bizarre News Briefs

Around The Weird: Bizarre News Briefs

SINGAPORE (Wireless Flash) – Burglars didn’t even wait for Singapore plumber Tay Chin Koon and his family to move into their apartment before sacking the place. The Straits Times reports the robbers walked away with $11,000 in jewelry and cash the family had stashed in the home when they moved their furnishings in a few days earlier.

WELLINGTON, New Zealand – A woman offended by a billboard that read I hardly noticed her moustache – yeah right not only got mad, she got even. The irate Wellington, New Zealand, lady altered the billboard for Tui beer to say I hardly noticed his small dick – yeah right. A company spokeswoman says the original ad wasn’t intended to offend.

JAKARTA, Indonesia – Women who wish to enter the Indonesian military academy have to be good girls as well as good soldiers. Unlike men, all female applicants must prove their virginity.

JOLIET, Ill. – A man in Joliet, Illinois, is P.O.’d at Pepsi because millions of cans mistakenly list his unlisted phone number as a NASCAR hotline. Roger Zabel says he’s getting calls 24 hours a day from folks asking directions to Chicagoland Speedway.

PRESTONBURG, Ky. – Political ads are getting really sleazy in Prestonville, Kentucky. The challenger for the office of Floyd County Property Valuation Administrator is running a TV ad that features a woman removing her clothing inside a mobile home – and he claims the lady is the incumbent candidate.