Around The Weird: Bizarre News Briefs

Around The Weird: Bizarre News Briefs

SHAH ALAM, Malaysia (Wireless Flash) – Holy men mounted on motorcycles have begun patrolling a popular outdoor makeout spot in Shah Alam, Malaysia, to crack down on kissing couples. The Utusan Malaysia newspaper reports the religious leaders are patrolling around the clock to stop “immoral behavior.”

STOCKHOLM – A young girl in Sweden recently had a peanut removed from her nose after complaining of breathing problems for seven months and temporarily losing her sense of smell. Following the surgery, little Vian Algaf exclaimed, “It smells like flowers!”

STRATFORD, Ontario – Video games are more violent then ever. Case in point: The new game, Hooligans, which allows players to pretend they’re a real-life UK soccer fan who engages in post-game riots. The game hits stores later this month.

JERUSALEM – Israel may be worse off than people thought – it recently experienced its first case of Mad Cow disease in its Golan region.

CAIRO – A former Miss Egypt who lost her job as an airline co-pilot is now fighting to get it back. Nerine Ahmed Salem, 35, was fired after she insisted on wearing a traditional Islamic veil while on the job.