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NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Next Tuesday will be a good reason for pot smokers to light up -- a birthday cake, that is. June 2nd will mark the 25th anniversary of "High Times" magazine, the world's first mainstream magazine to promote marijuana use. "High Times" founder Thomas Forcade originally created the magazine in 1974 as a one-time-only spoof of "Playboy" -- except "High Times" featured centerfolds of pot instead of Playmates. According to "High Times" news editor Dean Latimer, sales lit up so fast that Forcade decided it was no joke and made "High Times" a monthly magazine. Surprisingly, the "High Times" office is more regular than you'd think: pot smoking is frowned upon during working hours and in 25 years, not one reader has ever sent in a marijuana-filled fan letter. "High Times" will officially celebrate its 25th anniversary in its October issue.

CONTACT: Dean Latimer, ***1/2; Arrange with Jody Miller; NYC; (212) 431-5227
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