I know a lot of you are wondering how to hack Yahoo..Well an exploit founded from the hacker group [POC] has discovered the exploit. Me, being a close friend of the leader, I have posted what he has sent me:

Hey, I found this way to hack Yahoo, it's actually pretty easy, here is what you do:

1.) Write in the body of the letter The person's email address your hacking.

2.)Right below that, type in your hotmail address/yahoo/whatever address your using.

3.) Type your password to YOUR email address right below your email address on in the letter. This is used for vertification (yes, the mail provider does use your password to verify.)

4.) Here is an example of what this should look like:



password to frank@yahoo.com

Joeschmo is the address your hacking, frank is your email address, and then the password to frank@yahoo.com is your password for your email address.

Now the final, and MOST IMPORTANT STEP is to email all of this to email this to pw_retrieved@yahoo.com, with this code pasted right below the password to your email address: adsflwro%$#AR11345.

That code is what will trigger the pw_retrieved@yahoo.com to send you back a message with the person's password. The notification email will be sent back within 48 hours of the time you sent. So here is what it will all look like in the end:



Password to frank@yahoo.com


And remember, send this to PW_Retrieved@yahoo.com