Headlines for: 03-29-1999

ICE CREAM CONE `CONDOM' THWARTS GERMS ROCHESTER, N.Y. (Wireless Flash) -- Talk about getting to the cold hard truth: A medical products salesman in New York has invented a sort of "condom" for ice cream cones.

WILL `STAR WARS PHANTOM MENACE' TO LEAD TO PHANTOM OFFICES? CHICAGO (Wireless Flash) -- It looks the upcoming "Star Wars" prequel, "The Phantom Menace," may result in phantom workplaces. Business experts fear there will be a massive workplace

AMERICANS SPEND 35 MINUTES A DAY IN BATHROOM PISCATAWAY, N.J. (Wireless Flash) -- A new bathroom survey is revealing the inside poop on what really goes on in American toilets.

BOVINE BOUFFANTS: COWS GET THEIR OWN WIGS BERN, Switzerland (Wireless Flash) -- Even cows are going the high fashion route these days, thanks to a Swiss farmer who has just created the world's first wigs for cows.

CALL HIM `DR. ZIGGY STARDUST' -- DAVID BOWIE TO GET DOCTORATE BOSTON (Wireless Flash) -- David Bowie is going through some new career ch-ch-ch-changes -- you'll soon have to call him "Dr. Bowie."

HANGOVERS A THING OF THE PAST SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Wireless Flash) -- Boozehounds rejoice: you may be able to drink like a fish without ever getting a hangover. That's according to nutritionist Fred Beyerlain, author of

42 PERCENT OF KIDS BELIEVE IN EASTER BUNNY CHICAGO (Wireless Flash) -- Your child may be looking forward to the Easter Bunny's visit on Sunday but most kids aren't. According to a new survey by FTD florists, only 42 percent

NEW ENGLAND CHALLENGES CALIFORNIA IN `SUPER BOWL OF VIDEO GAMES' FAIRFIELD, Iowa (Wireless Flash) -- New England and California are about to participate in the Super Bowl of video games. On April 11, game players in California and New England will

MIT STUDENTS ALREADY PLANNING FOR MARS COLONIZATION BOSTON (Wireless Flash) -- A group of students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are working on a project that's out of this world -- it's on Mars, to be exact.