Headlines for: 04-12-1999

DIVORCES MOST LIKELY ON APRIL 18 COLUMBUS, Ohio (Wireless Flash) -- Lovers, watch out -- this Sunday (Apr. 18) could make or break your relationship. That's according to Ohio-based numerologist Cindy Higginson

CUCUMBERSOME!: MAN RAISES WORLD'S LARGEST PICKLE CHICAGO (Wireless Flash) -- Talk about getting into a pickle: a New Jersey man known as the "Thomas Edison of Pickles" has just invented a new variety of pickle that he claims is the world's

REINCARNATION SHOCKER: JEFFERSON'S FORMER SLAVE NOW FASHION GURU ALEXANDRIA, Va. (Wireless Flash) -- Today (Apr. 13) marks the 256th anniversary of the birth of Thomas Jefferson. One person celebrating is a woman in Charlottesville,

`FASTEST PIZZA MAKER' CONTESTANT TRAINS WITH TAE-BO MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (Wireless Flash) -- That trendy new workout "Tae-Bo" is everywhere these days -- including pizza parlor kitchens.

DINING ETIQUETTE FOR YUCKY FOODS: GRIN & BEAR IT INDIANAPOLIS (Wireless Flash) -- When you're traveling overseas on a business trip, how do you save face at a business dinner if your host serves sheep's brains? Just grin and bear it.

65TH ANNIVERSARY OF WORLD'S FIRST LAUNDROMAT FORT WORTH, Tex. (Wireless Flash) -- April 18 is a sudsy date -- it's the 65th anniversary of the day the world's first laundromat opened in Fort Worth, Texas.

A CHIP OFF THE OLD REDHEAD: WILLIE NELSON'S DAUGHTER SINGS AUSTIN, Texas (Wireless Flash) -- Singing is all in the family for country boy Willie Nelson: Now his 29-year-old daughter Paula is taking up the mic.

MINNESOTA UROLOGIST OFFERS WARRANTY FOR VASECTOMY REVERSAL ST. PAUL, Minn. (Wireless Flash) -- A Minnesota urologist is offering the world's first warranty for a vasectomy reversal: If a couple doesn't get pregnant within a year of the operation,

RUPERT EVERETT BASHES SHAKESPEARE, BOY GEORGE LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- Actor Rupert Everett may star in the upcoming film version of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer's Night Dream", but that isn't keeping him from biting the hand that