Headlines for: 06-09-1999

NEW N'SYNC VIDEO IRRITATES MENTAL HEALTH EXPERTS WASHINGTON (Wireless Flash) -- The video for the new N'Sync hit "I Drive Myself Crazy" is driving mental health experts crazy. The video shows the members of N-Sync going wacko thanks to

FIRST EVER `TAKE YOUR DOG TO WORK DAY' (JUNE 25) KING, N.C. (Wireless Flash) -- You've heard about "Take Your Daughter to Work Day" -- but how about "Take Your DOG to Work Day"?

THEATER OWNERS WORRIED ABOUT NEW TEEN ID MOVIE POLICY PASADENA, Calif. (Wireless Flash) -- President Clinton's plan to require teens to show photo IDs to get into "R-rated" movies could bring the curtain down on box office receipts.

10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF ZSA ZSA'S INFAMOUS SLAP LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- Here's proof time really flies: This Monday will mark the 10th anniversary of the day Zsa Zsa Gabor slapped a Beverly Hills motorcycle cop.

EVANDER HOLYFIELD'S NEXT OPPONENT: TED TURNER (EMBARGOED UNTIL FRIDAY, JUNE 11) ATLANTA, Ga. (Wireless Flash) -- Evander Holyfield is about to lock horns with a new opponent: Ted Turner.

CONTEST PROVES AMERICANS ARE CLUELESS ABOUT INVENTORS PASADENA, Calif. (Wireless Flash) -- Need proof that Americans are brain-dead? Just ask the Planetary Society. The organization is currently sponsoring a "Name The

SMITHEREENS SINGER REVIVING `SONG-POEM' GENRE NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Smithereens lead singer Pat DiNizio has found a unique side job: he's charging folks $500 to put music to their lyrics and poems.

COCKTAILS NAMED IN HONOR OF AUSTIN POWERS (EMBARGOED UNTIL 4 P.M., EDT) NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Now here's something for the "Oh, no, not another Austin Powers publicity stunt" file -- a new line

COLIN POWELL: `SAVING PRIVATE RYAN' WAS INACCURATE' (EMBARGOED UNTIL 6 P.M., EDT, THURSDAY, JUNE 10) NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Although "Saving Private Ryan" has been praised as the most accurate war movie of all time, General