Headlines for: 07-06-1999

BRADY BUNCH STAR SWITCHING TO SINGING CAREER? LAS VEGAS (Wireless Flash) -- Actor Barry Williams is best known as Greg Brady of "The Brady Bunch", but now he's starting a solo singing career.

X-RATED ICON NINA HARTLEY TO HOLD MOVIE-MAKING SEMINAR LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- Adult film star Nina Hartley is now a teacher. The X-rated icon -- who is best known outside the porn world

HOT SAUCE MAN FIRST TO SCORE PERFECT PAC-MAN GAME WEIRS BEACH, N.H. (Wireless Flash) -- A 33-year-old Florida man has just become the Michael Jordan of "Pac-Man" by achieving the world's first "perfect Pac-Man game."

NOSTRADAMUS RUMORS DEBUNKED BY SKEPTIC FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (Wireless Flash) -- Nostradamus' prediction about a giant "terror from the sky" plaguing Earth in July of 1999 is being shot down by skeptic and former magician James

AMERICAN MEN COME CLEAN ABOUT GROOMING HABITS CINCINNATI (Wireless Flash) -- American men aren't such slobs after all. According to a new grooming poll by Biore pore strips, 59

MADONNA'S HANDWRITING: SHE HAS A DESIRE TO BE DISROBED ATLANTA (Wireless Flash) -- An Atlanta-based handwriting expert has uncovered some quirks in the handwriting of a few well-known celebrities.

WOULD YOU TRUST YOUR NEIGHBOR TO DECORATE YOUR HOME? BETHESDA, Md. (Wireless Flash) -- You might trust your neighbor to watch your house for a weekend -- but would you let them redecorate it?

MILLENNIUM PET BASH IN THE WORKS NORWALK, Conn. (Wireless Flash) -- Humans aren't the only ones planning to party away the new millennium: now pets are jumping on the Y2K bandwagon.

WEIRD BRIEFS.... KARLSRUHE, Germany (Wireless Flash) -- German chicken farmers are getting cagey about a new law that's about to go into effect. Judges in Germany's highest court have ruled that it's

CORRECTION: A story moved on July 2 headlined "Teens Modeling Themselves After Strippers" contained an incorrect contact number. The correct number is (212) 407-9754.