Headlines for: 01-09-2000

WILL NEW POKEMON KICK PIKACHU'S BUTT? DALLAS (Wireless Flash) -- Pikachu of Pokemon fame is about to be upstaged by a new Pokemon critter named "Chikoriita." Nintendo is planning on introducing 100 new pocket monsters

BONNIE RAITT LEAKS A MUSICAL SECRET SANTA MONICA, Calif (Wireless Flash) -- What's the strangest reaction you've ever had to hearing a good song? How about wetting your pants?

AMERICANS CYNICAL ABOUT LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Love at first sight is a joke to most Americans if a new survey is correct. According to a global love survey by Harlequin Romance, only

CONTEST SEARCHING FOR KIDS' POTTY TRAINING VIDEOS CHICAGO (Wireless Flash) -- A toilet paper manufacturer wants toilet-trained toddlers to trade in their pearls of potty wisdom for some cold hard cash.

WIRELESS FLASH BRIEFS FROM AROUND THE WORLD LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- Here's a Valentine's Day gift that's out of this world: A meteorite with a natural heart-shaped hole in it. The sexy space souvenir will be auctioned off by

GET HITCHED FOR FREE AT WORLD TRADE CENTER NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Ready to trade in the single life for the old ball and chain? How about getting hitched atop the World Trade Center?

RABBI OFFERS DATING TIPS FROM `TEN COMMANDMENTS' NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Singles who want dating advice may want to reread the Ten Commandments. That's according to rabbi and dating expert Shmuley Boteach,

RECORD-SETTING MARATHONER TO HANG UP HIS SNEAKERS KINGWOOD, Texas (Wireless Flash) -- A Texas marathon runner is about to hang up his sneakers after setting a world record of 200 consecutive marathons.

TOP BREAKOUT STARS FOR 2000 LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- If you're not familiar with actors Shane West or Hilary Swank, you will be by this time next year.