Headlines for: 05-24-2000

INTERNET DISC JOCKEY FORCED TO PAY FOR LISTENERS WHITTIER, Calif. (Wireless Flash) -- Despite all the hoopla, it seems no one is listening to internet radio. In fact, listeners are such short supply that one online talk show host has

WORLD FAMOUS BULL'S DEATH STEERS BREEDERS TO HIS SPERM NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- An animal breeding company that sells sperm from famous rodeo animals expects the recent death of a world-famous bull will "steer" more business its way.

BODYBUILDER JAKE STEINFELD HAS `LACROSSE' TO BEAR LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- Bodybuilder Jake Steinfeld is dumping his dumbbells for a lacrosse stick. The 42-year-old fitness trainer has just organized

GUYS: YOUR GIRLFRIEND OR WIFE MAY BE KINKIER THAN YOU THINK NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Guys, the odds are your girlfriend or wife is a lot kinkier than you think. That's according to the editors of "Maxim" magazine, who

CAN 1 MILLION CYBER MONKEYS COMPOSE SHAKESPEARE? LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- You've probably heard that if you set one million monkeys in front of one million keyboards one will eventually type a Shakespearian sonnet.

OSCAR MAYER WIENERMOBILE GETS A FACELIFT MADISON, Wisc. (Wireless Flash) -- Hot dog! The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile is getting a facelift. The 27-foot-long wiener-shaped vehicle has just been

TEXAS TEEN STARTS CAMPAIGN TO BRING BACK DEBARGE KILLEEN, Texas (Wireless Flash) -- Not much has been heard from the pop band DeBarge since the mid-1980s -- but a teenager in Texas wants to change that.

JACKIE COLLINS HOPES NEW CD WILL SEDUCE MUSIC FANS LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- Romance novelist Jackie Collins has found a novel way to stretch her talents -- as a recording artist.

LESBIAN LOVE AFFAIR FOR `JUDGING AMY'? NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- "Judging Amy" is already a ratings winner but star Amy Brenneman thinks she knows what it takes to bring the show to a new peak: lesbianism.