Headlines for: 10-01-2000

LADIES' LOO ALLOWS UPRIGHT URINATION DURBANVILLE, South Africa (Wireless Flash) -- A new portable urinal is giving women one more weapon in the battle of the sexes: the ability to urinate while standing up.

GENERATION SEX HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. (Wireless Flash) -- Perhaps the kids born after Generation X should be called "Generation Sex." According to a new survey by Adam & Eve sex products, 21

OCTOBER 25TH DECLARED `TAKE A FISH TO WORK DAY' GREENWICH, Conn. (Wireless Flash) -- This may smell a bit fishy, but October 25th has just been declared "Take A Fish to Work Day."

CANDIDATE'S HANDS REVEAL TRUE INTENTIONS LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- Keep a close eye on Al Gore and George W. Bush's hands during tomorrow's debate -- you'll get a good idea of what's really up their sleeves.

GOOD SELF-ESTEEM IS BAD FOR SUCCESS WAUKESHA, Wis. (Wireless Flash) -- Would you believe that feeling ashamed about yourself can be a good thing? That's the word from motivational speaker Dave Durand,

FART CARDS: CARE ENOUGH TO SEND YOUR VERY BURST MEMPHIS, Tenn. (Wireless Flash) -- E-mail greetings are going down the toilet -- literally. A Memphis-based company has created a website which

OUT OF THIS WORLD MUSIC: SPACE SOUNDS PHOENIX, Ariz. (Wireless Flash) -- If you think it's silent in outer space, think again. In fact, there's a musician in Phoenix who's making

LAME HALLOWEEN COSTUMES TO AVOID THIS YEAR CLEVELAND, Ohio (Wireless Flash) -- Looks like the popularity of the "Survivor "cast members won't survive the Halloween season.

CELEBRITY LOOK-ALIKE REVEALS GREASEPAINT SECRETS LAS VEGAS (Wireless Flash) -- Here's proof looks can be deceiving: there's a 48-year-old caucasian woman who's been a successful Tina Turner impersonator for 15 years.