Headlines for: 12-11-2000

HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI: BEST CITY FOR SINGLE MEN NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Small town males looking for love should consider moving to Hattiesburg, Mississippi. According to a new study by "Playboy" magazine,

GARY COLEMAN PUTS FOOT DOWN ON SCOOTERS NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Gary Coleman is putting his foot down against those Razor scooters: He wants them banned from city streets.

`WATCH' GORE STUFF BALLOT BOX ON NEW TIMEPIECE SEATTLE (Wireless Flash) -- The bitter ballot battle for the presidency is spilling over into the world of watches. A Seattle-based watch maker has just created a

STOCK EXCHANGE FOR HUMAN SOULS NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Looks like Lucifer is taking a few tips from Wall Street. A New York entrepreneur has just started a sort-of stock

MATT DAMON DENIES BREAKDANCING PAST NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Want to tick off Matt Damon? Ask him about his former career as a breakdancer. Damon told gossip reporter Baird Jones at the premiere

FENG SHUI PREVENTS FIGHTS AT HOLIDAY DINNERS NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- If your holiday dinners end in fist fights, you may want to change how you set your table. According to London-based new age journalist Jane

WORLD'S LARGEST SANTA GETS A PAINT JOB NORTH POLE, Alaska (Wireless Flash) -- Thanks to some North Pole volunteers, Santa Claus won't have the "runs" this year. That's because some bright volunteers restoring the

HOLIDAY PARTIES SOON TO BE A THING OF THE PAST? CHICAGO (Wireless Flash) -- For many employees, the annual Christmas party is an annual trip to hell on earth. According to business trend expert John Challenger,

MAN DEVOTES HIS LIFE TO MENSTRUATION RELATIONS LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- A New York man is bringing men and menstruation together with the aid of his homemade tampon cases.