Headlines for: 01-15-2001

WILL PUSSYCAT PR CAMPAIGN HELP SOCKS? PHOENIX (Wireless Flash) -- Socks, the White House Cat has been banished from Bill Clinton's post-White House digs -- but there may be a way for him to scratch his way back into the family

JFK: TANNED, RESTED AND STILL ALIVE WOBURN, Mass. (Wireless Flash) -- John F. Kennedy's assassination may have been a giant hoax. It seems some new evidence suggests JFK actually survived

MATT DAMON'S TIPPING A TIP OFF TO HIS MONEY WOES? NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Matt Damon hasn't made a musical yet but some Hollywood insiders think he's singing, "Brother, Can You Spare A Dime."

ROCK BAND MIXES MUSIC WITH GRAVE-ROBBING PHILADELPHIA (Wireless Flash) -- A Philadelphia-based rock band has found a gross way to increase their gross assets: They rob graves and sell the skulls.

WIRELESS FLASH BRIEFS LAS VEGAS (Wireless Flash) -- The word of God apparently isn't as important as a phone call. According to a cell phone survey by AirPrime, Inc., only 40 percent of Americans turn their cell

GEORGE W. BUSH: JUST CALL HIM `POTUS' LOUISVILLE, Ky. (Wireless Flash) -- Moving to the White House isn't the only big change facing George W. Bush: He's going to have to get used to people calling him a new nickname -- "Potus."

`HANGING CHAD' NOW A JUMP ROPE TRICK CHICAGO (Wireless Flash) -- Thought you heard the last of those "hanging chads"? Guess again. A professional jump roper who goes by the name "The Rope

CHEAT ON YOUR SPOUSE -- FICTIONALLY SAN FRANCISCO (Wireless Flash) -- You've heard about folks dumping their partners for people they met on the internet? Well, one erotica writer in San Francisco hopes to "write"

PARENTS RESPONSIBLE FOR KIDS' DIRTY ROOMS OAKBROOK, Ill. (Wireless Flash) -- Kids are always getting punished for their messy rooms -- but a new survey suggests the filth may really be their parents' fault.