Headlines for: 04-17-2001

‘TAKE TWO YANNI CDS AND CALL ME IN THE MORNING’ LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) – Yanni may soon want to change his name to DOCTOR Yanni: A new study suggests that listening to Yanni tunes can actually improve reasoning skills in children.

DOO-DOO MAY PROVE EXISTENCE OF EXTINCT SLOTH CINCINNATI, Ohio (Wireless Flash) – A giant sloth thought to be extinct for thousands of years may be alive and pooping in Brazil. That’s according to Ohio-based geneticist John Lewis, who says he

INTERNET MOVIE BECOMES CULT CRAZE KINGSTON, Mass. (Wireless Flash) – Remember hamsterdance.com, that irritating website that featured yodeling and dancing hamsters? Well, a 14-year-old Massachusetts boy has created something just as crazy:

FLY ME TO THE MOON: $30 MILLION CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand (Wireless Flash) – It may sound looney but a space physicist in New Zealand hopes to build his own rocket ship – and he needs your help.

NEW KINKY CRAZE: NAKED WOMEN DOING JUMPING JACKS LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) – A man in Los Angeles is exercising his right to free speech by creating a website dedicated solely to naked women doing jumping jacks.

GOT MILK? DAIRY FARMERS HAVE MOO JUICE OVERLOAD SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash) – Got milk? America’s dairy farmers sure do: They’re currently experiencing an oversupply of moo juice. According to the Department of Agriculture, U.S. milk production has risen

LIFE IMITATES ART FOR INTERNET ACTRESS NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – Some actresses who play psychiatrists actually conduct research by talking to real docs, but not actress Tovah Feldshuh.

AVERAGE BRIDE SPENDS 8 HOURS A WEEK PLANNING WEDDING NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – Today’s brides-to-be are spending plenty of time being harried about getting married. According to a new survey by Bride’s magazine, 48 percent of

KIDS CREATE THEIR OWN ‘SPY KIDS’ GADGETS HOUSTON (Wireless Flash) – The popularity of the new flick Spy Kids is inspiring some kids to dream up with their own spy gadgets. Hundreds of kids have already proposed their ideas for pint-sized spy tools