Headlines for: 05-13-2001

LITTLE RASCAL STAR SAYS BLAKE DIDN’T DO IT IMPERIAL BEACH, Calif. (Wireless Flash) – Things aren’t going so well for Robert Blake these days but at least one of his Our Gang buddies is behind him.

BRITISH TOWN HAS CRAPPIEST CRAPPER LONDON (Wireless Flash) – The folks in Claremont, England, should be flushed with embarrassment: The town has just been named home to the worst public toilet in England.

OSCAR WINNERS LIVE LONGER THAN NOMINEES TORONTO (Wireless Flash) – Here’s another good reason for actors to lobby for Oscars – winning one can extend an actor’s life span. According to a new study by the University of Toronto, Oscar winners live

MATT DAMON: HOLLYWOOD’S UGLIEST MAN? NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – Actor Matt Damon has been trying to convince the world he’s not just another pretty face and, apparently, he’s succeeded.

SEATTLE BAND DEDICATED TO SCI-FI AUTHORS SEATTLE (Wireless Flash) – The next trend in rock music may be the library, thanks to a Seattle band that plays nothing but songs about science fiction authors.

BOOZY BEHAVIOR COULD CAUSE SNAKE BITE EPIDEMIC ATLANTA, Ga. (Wireless Flash) – Mothers Against Drunk Driving may have to start another advocacy group: Mothers Against Sloshed Snake Handling. Statistics show 50 percent of the nearly 8000 snake-biting accidents that

XFL’S NO. 1 FAN DEVASTATED BY X-TINCTION MEMPHIS (Wireless Flash) – Although most folks don’t give a hoot about the end of the XFL, one Memphis woman is extremely sad. 24-year-old housewife April Divilbiss claims she’s the No. 1 fan of

CHEESE SCULPTRESS SWITCHES TO BROWNIES CINCINNATI (Wireless Flash) – When inspiration strikes Cincinnati artist Sarah Baughmann, she heads to her grocery store, not the art store. That’s because Baughmann is a cheese sculptress who carves busts of

AUSSIE CRAZE HITS HOME FURNISHINGS HICKORY, N.C. (Wireless Flash) – The current craze for all things Aussie is hitting the furniture world. A North Carolina furniture manufacturer has just introduced a line of Down