Headlines for: 06-22-2001

MADONNA ABUSING HER DAUGHTER WITH ART? LONDON (Wireless Flash) – It’s not a pretty picture but a very graphic painting is causing a major flap at Madonna’s London mansion.

SUPERMARKET BECOMING EXPRESS LANE FOR UFOS PUENTE ALTO, Chile (Wireless Flash) – A supermarket in Puente Alto, Chile, has turned into an express lane for UFO sightings. It all started last month when a security guard for the Lider supermarket

MIKE TYSON: PUNCH DRUNK ABOUT LOVE NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – Mike Tyson may be more of a romantic than previously believed. Iron Mike tells the upcoming Maxim magazine that he feels

‘TAKE YOUR DOG TO WORK DAY’ COULD PUT YOUR CAREER IN DOG HOUSE NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – This Friday is “Take Your Dog To Work Day” – but if you want keep your job, you might want to leave your pooch at home.

CONFETTI TO REPLACE 4TH OF JULY FIREWORKS? ORLANDO, Fla. (Wireless Flash) – Unusually dry weather is forcing some cities to cancel Fourth of July fireworks displays – but an Orlando, Florida, firm thinks it has a good spark-free alternative.

FORMER ‘BAYWATCH’ BOHUNK DOESN’T MISS THE BATHING SUITS TORONTO (Wireless Flash) – Former Baywatch bohunk David Chokachi has something he’d like to get off his well-muscled chest: he doesn’t miss those skin-revealing swimsuits.

IOWA MAN PEDDLING BIKE-POWERED MOVING SERVICE AMES, Iowa (Wireless Flash) – Most people wouldn’t attempt to haul a 150-pound mattress on their bicycle – but most people aren’t Jim Gregory of Ames, Iowa.

RETIREMENT CITIZENS EATING HIGH ON THE HOG GLOUCESTER, Mass. (Wireless Flash) – Old folks aren’t gumming down oatmeal and lime green JELL-O for dinner these days – gourmet grandparents are now binging on high class fare like lobster bisque.

CELL PHONE CHIT CHAT TOPS RUDENESS LIST DALLAS (Wireless Flash) – Cell phones may be convenient but many Americans think they’re the height of bad manners. According to a “kindness survey” by Southwest Airlines, 32