Headlines for: 07-25-2001

DR. DREW TALKING SEX WITH WASHINGTON INTERNS WASHINGTON (Wireless Flash) – It’s about time: female Washington interns are going to get a talk about the birds and the bees. Loveline host and sex expert Dr. Drew Pinsky will address a

A DOUBLE DOSE OF ‘DOLEMITE’ LAS VEGAS, Nev. (Wireless Flash) – Fans of the ’70s-era Dolemite film series could soon be getting a double dose of their superfly hero.

CHARLEY PRIDE MAKES WORLD’S FIRST NAPSTER-PROOF CD NASHVILLE (Wireless Flash) – Metallica’s war against Napster is getting support from, of all people, country singer Charley Pride. The singer has just released a new CD, Charley Pride – A Tribute To

ANTHROPOLOGIST: ‘TALKING APES NOT SO FAR-FETCHED’ NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – It sounds bananas, but talking gorillas like the ones in Planet Of The Apes aren’t that far-fetched. Columbia University anthropologist Dr. Ralph Holloway says chimps and

FISH HAVE DEADBEAT DADS TOO WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (Wireless Flash) – Deadbeat dads don’t just come in human form – they’re also found in the fish world. Using the same genetic tests as in human paternity cases, scientists at

JACKIE CHAN: ‘I HATE VIOLENCE’ NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – For someone who stars in action movies, Jackie Chan has an unusual distaste for violence. Chan tells the upcoming Parade magazine that he “hates

‘ICE SCREAM’ - AVERAGE AMERICAN EATS TWO SCOOPS A WEEK CHICAGO (Wireless Flash) – No wonder Americans need to lose weight: New research shows most of them are eating ice cream at least once a week. The report by Mintel Consumer Intelligence shows 51 percent of Americans

NEW GIZMO MAKES NECKLACE KNOTS A THING OF THE PAST ST. CHARLES, Ill. (Wireless Flash) – Ever gotten your necklaces tangled together in a jewelry box? Well, an Illinois man has created a gizmo to ensure that will “knot” happen again.

WHO HAS THE SOFTEST HANDS IN AMERICA? ROSWELL, Ga. (Wireless Flash) – Having soft hands could win you some cold hard cash. Starting next month, the Kimberly-Clark company will be searching for the

FLASH LITES: RIP ‘N’ READ POP CULTURE RECAP JEFFERSON CITY, Mo (Wireless Flash) – Jamaican TV psychic “Miss Cleo” didn’t foresee this, mon: The Missouri attorney general has filed two suits against her hotline for bilking callers. “It doesn’t