Headlines for: 10-11-2001

THESE JEANS ARE GOOD FOR YOUR CROTCH LONDON (Wireless Flash) – The comeback of ultra-tight jeans for men is causing some to worry about damaging their “family jewels” while wearing the circulation-stopping pants.

WOMAN SCULPTS DUCT TAPE DAVID LETTERMAN SEYMOUR, Ind. (Wireless Flash) – If art is in the eye of the beholder, then a grandmother from Seymour, Indiana, thinks David Letterman is very sticky.

STUNTMAN HACKS OUT A LIVING AS JASON PHILADELPHIA (Wireless Flash) – You might not know actor Kane Hodder by name, but he’s hacked out quite a career playing the murderous “Jason” in the Friday The 13th flicks for the last 13 years.

SWEDISH MUSIC SEMINAR PROMOTES COUNTRY’S POP PRESENCE NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – American musicians may be rocked by this news: A Swedish diplomat claims the best music in the world comes out of Stockholm.

DO YOU KNOW THE WAY TO JOE, MONTANA? NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – Do you know the way to Joe, Montana? Believe it or not, that’s the name of a real town in southeast Montana. The town – with a population of just 22 – was once known as

PARENTS USING DRUG-SNIFFING DOGS ON KIDS MARMORA, N.J. (Wireless Flash) – Some parents are so concerned their kids are using drugs that they’re using drug-sniffing dogs to search Junior’s bedroom.

IS OSAMA BIN LADEN USING SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES? RENO, Nev. (Wireless Flash) – The White House is worried that Osama bin Laden is communicating using coded messages on American TV, but one researcher thinks the government has it backward.

HAVING TO URINATE IN DREAMS MEANS END OF EMBARRASSMENT NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – Most folks don’t want to have dreams about going to the bathroom – but it may not be such a bad thing. That’s according to German-based dream expert “Garuda,”

PEACE SIGN MAKING A COMEBACK TANNERSVILLE, Pa. (Wireless Flash) – American flags may have become more popular since September 11 – but peace signs may also be getting a piece of the action.

FLASH LITE: RIP ’N’ READ POP CULTURE RECAP LONDON (Wireless Flash) – Maybe they should call them “cup-a- ccinos:” A South London barmaid claims drinking up to a dozen cappuccinos a day has made her breasts grow from a 34A to 34D.