Headlines for: 11-01-2001

PHYLLIS DILLER: ‘NO MORE PLASTIC SURGERY FOR ME’ LAUGHLIN, Nev. (Wireless Flash) – Phyllis Diller’s face will soon be seen on stages when she opens a new comedy satire later this month, but as for her own face she’s done with plastic surgery forever.

‘HARRY POTTER’ STAR SUFFERS ‘PETER BRADY SYNDROME’ LONDON (Wireless Flash) – The young star of the upcoming Harry Potter movie had a case of “Peter Brady syndrome” during filming.

DIRTY HANDS: AMERICA’S DIRTY SECRET WASHINGTON (Wireless Flash) – One in four Americans has a dirty little secret: They don’t always wash their hands after blowing their nose or sneezing when they have the flu.

PETER CRISS TO BECOME SALOON SINGER NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – Former Kiss drummer Peter Criss now wants to become a jazz cat. Criss wants be the next Frank Sinatra and is recording a CD of songs

ALGAE HUNTERS’ HELL: PENGUIN POOP AND LEOPARD SEALS WORCESTER, Mass. (Wireless Flash) – Spending a week surrounded by penguin poop doesn’t sound like fun – but Brian Duval isn’t raising a stink.

HOW TO LOOK GOOD ON ‘SURVIVOR’ LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) – Only one Survivor cast member will win $1 million, but an Los Angeles-based filmmaker says there are ways the other castaways can look lovely while losing.

WORLD’S OLDEST SHOWGIRL STILL HOOFING AT AGE 84 PALM SPRINGS, Calif. (Wireless Flash) – Like most showgirls, Beverly Allen can do flips, cartwheels and splits. But unlike most showgirls, she’s 84 years old.

MICHAEL IN THE MIDDLE? NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – If Frankie Muniz ever quits Malcolm In The Middle, producers should cast Michael Jackson in the role. According to TV Guide, Jackson says Malcolm reminds him of what he

A CAREER IN SALES CAN RUIN YOUR RELATIONSHIPS NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – Working as a salesperson may sell your sex life short according to a new study. A survey of over 300 sales managers conducted by Sales & Marketing

FLASH LITES: RIP ‘N’ READ POP CULTURE RECAP NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – Ground Zero in New York is starting to look more like a singles bar than a disaster site. The New York Post is reporting single women have been flocking to the site to meet eligible