Headlines for: 12-25-2001

FAT PEOPLE NEEDED TO HELP SNIFF OUT OBESITY CURE CHICAGO (Wireless Flash) – A Chicago-based smell expert hopes to sniff out a treatment for obesity with the help of several thousand fat people willing to donate their noses to science.

REAL ELVES REACT TO ‘LORD OF THE RINGS’ SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash) – The new Lord of the Rings movie isn’t fantasy for a woman from Central Texas – it’s fact. The 31 year old – who goes by the name “Syleniel” – claims

CHEESY MENTOS ADS TO MAKE A COMEBACK ERLANGER, Ky. (Wireless Flash) – Everything old is new again: Including those cheesy Mentos candy commercials that were 30-second melodramas. Back in 1999, Mentos scrapped the TV ad campaign that achieved cult status

COURTNEY LOVE’S DRAG QUEEN LOVE AFFAIR LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) – Everybody knows Courtney Love was married to Kurt Cobain – but did you know she was also once married to a drag queen?

PREGNANT WOMEN: BELLY UP TO BELLY DANCING VICTORIA, B.C. (Wireless Flash) – Pregnant women who want to have an easier childbirth may want to belly up to belly dancing. According to Tess Fillmore, a self-described “belly dancing addict”

MISS USA RECOMMENDS ROSE QUEEN CARRY CANDY ON THE FLOAT PASADENA, Calif. (Wireless Flash) – If the Queen of this year’s Rose Parade wants to keep things rosy during the event, she better carry plenty of candy on her float.

‘POTTER’ STAR GUILTY OF SINGING TO KIDS NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – Richard Harris may be a wizard to Harry Potter, but he was a cruel, cruel parent. In fact, he used to punish his kids by singing his cheesy 1968 hit

SMOOTH SAILING PREDICTED FOR PSYCHIC CRUISE NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – The U.S. may be going through a stormy time right now but it should be smooth sailing by April 6 – at least where cruise ships are concerned.

LASERS ARE OUT, LAMPS ARE IN NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – Tooth-whitening techniques are changing just as fast as fashion trends. New York-based cosmetic dentist Dr. Jeff Golub-Evans says the currently-

FLASH LITES: RIP ‘N’ READ POP CULTURE RECAP NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – Watch out George W. Bush: You might be replaced by Batman. The Caped Crusader is the No. 1 superhero Americans would want as a leader, according to a new survey by the Robert A. Becker EURO