Headlines for: 03-17-1999

SO YOU WANT TO BE A MALE ESCORT? LAS VEGAS (Wireless Flash) -- Now here's a first for the publishing industry -- the first how-to guide to the ins and outs of becoming a male prostitute.

RESEARCHER LOOKING FOR JAPANESE LEPRECHAUNS VANCOUVER, B.C. (Wireless Flash) -- A self-described "leprechaun researcher" plans to travel to Japan in May to search for a mysterious race of little people known as the "Kappa."

IS ANNUAL `MEAT-OUT' ACTUALLY INCREASING MEAT CONSUMPTION? BOULDER, Colo. (Wireless Flash) -- This Saturday (Mar. 20) is the 15th annual Great American Meatout, a day when all Americans are encouraged to stop eating meat.

`MOST AFFLUENT' CITIES NAMED ANDOVER, Mass. (Wireless Flash) -- Looking to meet Mr. or Ms Moneybags? Then you might want to head to Cuernavaca, Mexico. Cuernavaca -- which is about 50 miles south of Mexico City -

FANS OF ISOLATED PHONE BOOTH TO MEET IN DESERT AGAIN TEMPE, Ariz. (Wireless Flash) -- An isolated phone booth in the middle of nowhere will once again become a bizarre mecca for phone booth fans from around the world.

TYRA BANKS' SWIMSUIT: $1500 PRICE TAG DALLAS (Wireless Flash) -- If you ever wanted to get your hands on curvy supermodel Tyra Banks' bathing suit, here's your chance. The red bikini with pink polka dots that Banks wore on the

`SUDDENLY SUSAN' STAR'S LONG HISTORY OF BAD SINGING LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- "Suddenly Susan" cast member David Strickland isn't afraid to sing like a bird -- even though he admits he often sounds more like a strangled cat.

KIDS PREDICT FUTURE: ALIEN HAMBURGER STANDS, GUN-TOTING TEACHERS NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- What will the world look like 75 years from now? Well, if American school children are correct, it will be a world filled with ray gun-toting teachers and alien

DAVENPORT, IOWA: AMERICA'S CHEAPEST CITY FOR BUSINESS TRIPS ROCHESTER, Wis. (Wireless Flash) -- Davenport, Iowa, may not be a haven for corporate big shots but it's heaven for cheapskates. The city has just been chosen America's Cheapest Business