Headlines for: 04-18-1999

CAN ADJUSTABLE TOILET PAPER HOLDER SAVE MARRIAGES? PLANO, Tex. (Wireless Flash) -- Counseling may help some marriages but a man in Plano, Texas, claims he has something better: an adjustable toilet paper holder.

PALTROW'S OSCAR FROCK CAUSING PROM NIGHT CATFIGHTS ARDMORE, Pa. (Wireless Flash) -- Gwyneth Paltrow's Oscar gown may have won raves from fashion gurus but it's creating catfights between teenage girls.

YOU MAY SOON HAVE A CHANCE TO DRINK `MELROSE PLACE' POOL WATER NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Although "Melrose Place" is going off the air next month, some lucky fans may end up with a souvenir that's all wet -- literally.

UNINTENTIONAL KINKY ROOTS OF HIGH FASHION SAN FRANCISCO (Wireless Flash) -- It looks like some of the hottest high fashion trends have their roots in the darkened dens of sex clubs.

SURVEY: WHO'S TO BLAME FOR Y2K PROBLEMS? NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- No one knows if the world's computers will go kablooey on January 1, 2000 -- but folks are pretty sure who to blame if they do.

ANOREXIA DOG-VOSA? ANIMAL EATING DISORDERS LINKED TO ABUSE AURORA, N.Y. (Wireless Flash) -- It may be a dog-eat-dog world but a new study suggests some dogs aren't eating at all. Researcher JoAnne Johnson of Wells College in Aurora, New

GUINNESS ANNOUNCES AROUND-THE-WORLD ROAD RACE (EMBARGOED UNTIL TUESDAY, APRIL 20) LONDON (Wireless Flash) -- Remember that 1965 Tony Curtis movie, "The Great Race," that centered on a race around the world?

SNAKES ALIVE! MANGUM, OKLAHOMA HOLDS RATTLESNAKE DERBY (APR. 23) MANGUM, Okla. (Wireless Flash) -- The rattlesnakes in Mangum, Oklahoma, have a good reason to get rattled this weekend. That's when snake catchers of all ages will converge on the

COMMERCIAL TV OFFICIALLY BEGAN 60 YEARS AGO (APRIL 20) NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Tomorrow (Apr. 20) is an important anniversary for couch potatoes: it's the 60th anniversary of the first day of regular commercial television.