Headlines for: 04-21-1999

BIZARRE THEORY BEHIND LITTLETON MASSACRE WILDOMAR, Calif. (Wireless Flash) -- A pagan priestess in California claims Tuesday's school massacre in Littleton, Colorado, might have been triggered by some sort of psychic

POT SMOKERS TO HOLD MILLION MARIJUANA MARCH NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- The world will definitely go to pot on May 1 if marijuana smokers have their way. Pot smokers around the globe plan on holding something

RAY STEVENS CELEBRATES 25TH ANNIVERSARY OF `THE STREAK' NASHVILLE (Wireless Flash) -- Remember the 1974 fad of streaking naked through a crowd? Well, this Saturday (Apr. 24) marks the 25th anniversary of the day Ray Stevens No. 1 novelty hit based

STAR WARS' BIGGEST FAN WON'T CAMP OUT FOR TICKETS SITTINGBOURNE, England (Wireless Flash) -- You think those fans lining up a month in advance for tickets to the upcoming "Star Wars" movie are fanatic? Well, there's a woman in Britain who's

`LETTUCE' RING IN THE NEW MILLENNIUM: SALAD PYRAMID HONORS Y2K VIENNA, Austria (Wireless Flash) -- Farmers in Austria are in the process of constructing what may be the most bizarre memorial to the new millennium yet: a 9-foot-tall pyramid of lettuce.

TEEN CULTURE CHALLENGES DREAM INTERPRETERS WINDYVILLE, Mo. (Wireless Flash) -- Curious what those sexy dreams you've been having really mean? You can find out this weekend (Apr. 23-25) when the National Dream Hotline gets

CELEBRITY WEDDING TRENDS: CUPCAKES, DOG RING BEARERS NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Hollywood celebrities don't just influence fashion -- now they're influencing weddings. That's according to "Modern Bride" magazine, which is

CANDLES: HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH? BOSTON (Wireless Flash) -- Candles may light your fire, but they also may be giving your health a slow burn. That's according to the experts at "Natural Health" magazine

BERLIN BLUE: GERMAN COPS CAN NOW WEAR BLUE JEANS BERLIN (Wireless Flash) -- Cops in Germany are trading their regulation blues for blue jeans. That's because the German government has just given a