Headlines for: 04-26-1999

ELVIS PRESLEY'S BURIAL CRYPT FOR SALE MEMPHIS, Tenn. (Wireless Flash) -- If you dig Elvis Presley, how'd you like to be buried in his crypt? It's possible because the Presley family crypt at the Forest

VIRGIN MARY DICTATING POEMS TO LOUISIANA WOMAN LAKE CHARLES, La. (Wireless Flash) -- Here's proof that God works in mysterious ways: A woman in Lake Charles, Louisiana, claims the Virgin Mary is dictating poetry through her.

MTV'S JESSE CAMP CHANGES HIS TUNE ON NEW CD NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Gangly, goofy MTV personality Jesse Camp is changing his tune from gabbing to rocking with a new CD. Camp will make his recording debut next month on the

M.A.S.H'S `RADAR' REVEALS HIS ANIMAL MAGNETISM IN NEW SHOW LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- Ever wonder what happened to Gary Burghoff -- a.k.a. "Radar" on "M.A.S.H.?" Well, he's about to make a howling comeback -- literally.

`WORLD'S LARGEST YARD SALE' TO BENEFIT CHARITY NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Pssst. Wanna a deal on some second hand hotel bedsheets? Or how about a nice used toilet? Those are just some of the items up for sale at what's being

`PAPA' JOHN PHILLIPS: NOT MUCH OF A PAPA NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Looks like Mamas And The Papas leader John Phillips isn't that great of a papa, according to his 19-year-old daughter, Bijou.

AWFUL PUN CONTEST GIVES FOLKS THE `PUNAROUND' (MAY 2) AUSTIN, Tex. (Wireless Flash) -- The folks in Austin, Texas, will be getting the "punaround" this "Punday" (May 2) -- which is just what they want.

THE TRUE STORY BEHIND JACK AND JILL KILMERSDON, England (Wireless Flash) -- You'll probably break your crown when you hear this: It turns out the nursery rhyme about "Jack & Jill" is actually a true story.

Y2K TURNING AMERICANS INTO RELIGIOUS ZEALOTS MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (Wireless Flash) -- For some people, "Y2K" is turning out to be "Y2-Pray." According to a survey by the Lutheran Brotherhood, 36