Headlines for: 05-16-1999

HIGH HEELS HAVE SHARP EFFECT ON SEX LIFE TORONTO (Wireless Flash) -- Women who wear high heels now have a good reason to kick the habit: it can ruin your sex life. It seems high heels can lower a woman's sex drive because

NEW WEBSITE LETS YOU EAVESDROP ON SNOTTY FRENCH WAITERS CHICAGO, Ill. (Wireless Flash) -- French waiters are as snobby as their stereotype suggests -- at least that's what a new website that allows you to eavesdrop on a real French restaurant

AUSTRALIAN POP BAND COMPETES WITH TELETUBBIES SYDNEY, Australia (Wireless Flash) -- Tinky Winky isn't going to like this: a group of singing Australians is moving in on his turf.

ANTI-NAZI ACTIVISTS HAVE BEEF WITH BURGER KING ERFURT, Germany (Wireless Flash) -- Burger King has pulled a German TV ad campaign that featured a slogan made famous by a World War II concentration camp.

A MAN'S TURF: LOVE OF LAWNS GOES BACK TO PRIMAL TIMES NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Ever wonder why men are so obsessed with their lawns? A lawn care expert thinks he knows why. Warren Schultz, author of the new book "A Man's Turf: The

STINKY FEET PART OF `SENSE OF SMELL DAY' NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Now here's a holiday ritual you might not want to partake in: smelling stinky feet. That's what many folks will be doing this Saturday (May 22)

`HOME IMPROVEMENT' FEUD SHOWS NO SIGNS OF IMPROVEMENT NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- When "Home Improvement" has its series finale on May 25, fans will be seeing a broken home. "TV Guide" reports that cast member Jonathan Taylor Thomas

HOW MUCH WOULD YOU PAY FOR BRITNEY SPEARS SNEAKERS? NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Would you pay $20 for a pair of Britney Spears' smelly old sneakers? That's the suggested opening bid for a pair of tennis shoes

COMMUNIST VERSION OF `PLANET HOLLYWOOD' GETS A BIG `NYET' BUDAPEST, Hungary (Wireless Flash) -- A new restaurant in Budapest, Hungary, that's striving to be a sort of Communist- themed Planet Hollywood is getting a big "Nyet" from locals.