Headlines for: 05-24-1999

VEGETARIAN DIETS CAN CRUNCH SEX DRIVE BOZEMAN, Mont. (Wireless Flash) -- Here's some bad news for vegetarians: your veggie-filled diet may crunch your sex drive. That's according to nutritionist Ann Louise Gittleman, who

JUNE IS NATIONAL STRAIGHT SPOUSE MONTH GRAFTON, N.H. (Wireless Flash) -- A New Hampshire woman has declared next month "National Straight Spouse Month." Founder Lisa Rogak says she came up with the idea for

U.S. SOLDIERS BEING SENT TO FIGHT FUTURE ALIEN WAR ATLANTA, Ga. (Wireless Flash) -- The U.S. military is getting a little ahead of itself when it comes to time travel. According to former Navy engineer and UFO expert Al Bielek,

WORLD'S PORN SUPERSTORE OPENS CRANSTON, R.I. (Wireless Flash) -- Adult bookstores are getting bigger than ever -- literally. A new chain of super-size X-rated book stores recently

`BILLY JACK' BECOMES A MOVIE CRITIC CAMARILLO. Calif. (Wireless Flash) -- Remember the 1971 flick, "Billy Jack?" Well, Billy Jack is reentering the film world -- this time as a movie critic.

WHERE ARE THEY NOW? OLD SCHOOL VIDEO GAME PROGRAMMERS MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif. (Wireless Flash) -- Old video games from the early '80s are hot again -- and that's rubbing off on the folks who designed them.

OLD BUFFALO HAIRBALL TO HIT AUCTION MEXIA, Texas (Wireless Flash) -- How much is a 100-year-old hairball worth? No one knows for sure, but a softball-sized wad of buffalo

VINYL FLOORS CALLED DANGEROUS TO HEALTH BOSTON (Wireless Flash) -- It seems nothing is safe anymore -- including your kitchen floor. According to Katherine Gallia of "Natural Health" magazine,

PHOTOGRAPHY `CAT'-ASTROPHES SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash) -- Talk about suffering for art: A cat photographer in San Diego actually let a kitty climb into his pants just to get a good shot.