Headlines for: 07-26-1999

MAINSTREAM MEDIA INVOLVED IN KENNEDY CRASH COVER-UP? LAYTONVILLE, Calif. (Wireless Flash) -- John F. Kennedy Jr. has been laid to rest -- but the controversy surrounding his plane crash is still alive and kicking.

MAN SHAKES BELLY FOR THE LORD SALT LAKE CITY (Wireless Flash) -- God works in mysterious ways - - just ask a man in Salt Lake City who says Jesus Christ personally told him to become a male belly dancer.

ISRAELI VILLAGERS REPORT `GHOSTLY ALIEN' SIGHTING BET ZARZIR, Israel (Wireless Flash) -- When E.T. isn't phoning home, he's apparently vacationing in Israel. That's according to Israel-based UFO researcher Barry

WIRELESS FLASH BRIEFS FROM AROUND THE WORLD NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- "Eyes Wide Shut" actress Leelee Sobienski has a bizarre hobby -- she collects celebrity locks of hair. "Details" magazine reports that Sobienski owns locks from

WILL JFK JR. TRIBUTES PREVENT HIS REINCARNATION? MUNICH, Germany (Wireless Flash) -- All those JFK Jr. tributes may be helping Americans grieve but they're hurting his life in the after world.

WEDDING BELLE BLUES: REAL `RUNAWAY BRIDES' NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- The new Julia Roberts movie "Runaway Bride" may be Hollywood fiction, but it's a lot closer to reality than you think.

TUNA JUICE HELPS GET GOOD CAT PHOTOS CLEVELAND, Ohio (Wireless Flash) -- Animals aren't the only ones who do stupid pet tricks -- so do animal photographers. According to Mike Ormiston, a pet photographer for the

NEW TREND: TEENS DRESSING LIKE BASEBALL PLAYERS FRAMINGHAM, Mass. (Wireless Flash) -- Back-to-school fashion this fall will look like it came off a baseball diamond. Buyers for the Marshall's clothing chain say baseball-

VIETNAM A GARDEN OF EDEN FOR CRYPTOZOOLOGY PORTLAND, Maine (Wireless Flash) -- Noah's ark must have gotten a little off course in Vietnam, because the Asian country is filled with thousands of bizarre animals just waiting to be discovered