Headlines for: 11-14-1999

JOAN JETT'S PAST LIFE: `I WAS A PAINTER IN ANCIENT GREECE' NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Joan Jett may love rock and roll but she's also a fan of ancient history. Jett admits that when she isn't rocking out on stage, she

SHAMPOO CLAIMS TO IMPROVE MEMORY SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash) -- Here's a hair-raising idea: a shampoo that supposedly improves your memory. That's the claim of a new line of hair products that

TIME TRAVELER TRIPS OUT ON 35TH CENTURY WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. (Wireless Flash) -- A California man who claims he can travel through time says there's nothing to worry about the upcoming Y2K date.

DOC SAYS MONTHLY PERIODS UNNECESSARY BAHIA, Brazil (Wireless Flash) -- This should be music to many women's ears: a Brazilian gynecologist says monthly periods are unnecessary.

BAD VIBES BEHIND COPY MACHINE BREAKDOWNS? BAYSIDE, N.Y. (Wireless Flash) -- Next time the office photocopier breaks down, don't call a mechanic -- call a psychic. According to New York-based medium Shelley Peck,

WIRELESS FLASH BRIEFS FROM AROUND THE WORLD RICHMOND, Va. (Wireless Flash) -- When it comes to change, American teens prefer dollars. According to a new survey by the Nuveen investment company, one third of American teenagers won't

WORKER SHORTAGE MEANS MORE JOBS FOR PRISONERS CHICAGO (Wireless Flash) -- It looks like prisons may soon replace temporary agencies as the best place to find new workers. According to business trend expert John Challenger, it's

`MOBY DEBT' WINS BOATING VERSION OF OSCARS VALLEY STREAM, NY (Wireless Flash) -- This should float your boat: "Boating" magazine has just picked its annual list of "The Best Boat Names in America."

WOULD YOU DRINK PINK LEMONADE COFFEE? FLUSHING, Mich. (Wireless Flash) -- Would you drink coffee that was flavored like pink lemonade? Maybe not, but "pink lemonade" is one of the coffee flavor