Headlines for: 03-21-2000

WAYNE NEWTON: `MICHIGAN JUDGE HAS GREAT TASTE IN MUSIC' LAS VEGAS (Wireless Flash) -- Is being forced to listen to Wayne Newton's music cruel and unusual punishment? You've probably heard about the judge who ordered an 18-year-old

NEW USE FOR AM RADIO: UFO DETECTION NEW KENSINGTON, Penn. (Wireless Flash) -- Who says AM radio is dead? Not E.T.s, who are using it to phone home. According to Pennsylvania-based ufologist Robert Goerman, the AM

MOVIE CRITICS HAVE NO IMPACT ON BOX OFFICE AUBURNDALE, Mass. (Wireless Flash) -- The future may not be too bright for movie critics according to a new study which claims critics have little or no impact on a film's success.

CAN ASTROLOGY DETECT `SUE-HAPPY' EMPLOYEES? WATSONVILLE, Calif. (Wireless Flash) -- Drug tests and lie detectors aren't the only tools being used to determine who gets hired and gets fired -- now some firms are using astrology.

NEW YORK WORST CITY FOR GOING BAREFOOT NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- New York City is getting a boot from barefoot folks. According to a new survey by Dr. Scholl's foot products, 57

HOT OFFICE LOVIN' NO LONGER TABOO CHICAGO (Wireless Flash) -- Offices are quickly becoming a modern version of the 1970's singles bar. That's the word from business trend expert John Challenger, who

SHAQ SHOCKER: HE HAS BLUE TOENAILS NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Los Angeles Lakers Shaquille O'Neal is walking around with a shocking secret: blue toenails. "Sports Illustrated For Kids" reports that Shaq's toenails are

GYNECOLOGY FOR GUYS SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash) -- Here's a sign many men are still clueless about the birds and the bees: a San Diego doctor has written the first gynecology book strictly for men titled "Your Guy's Guide to

BOOZING IT UP CAN CAUSE ASTHMA ATTACKS NEDLANDS, Australia (Wireless Flash) -- This won't make asthma sufferers breathe any easier, but a new study suggests they may want to "just say no" to booze.