Headlines for: 05-01-2000

RESEARCHERS: RUBBING HANDS REDUCES FLATULENCE OFTERSCHWANG, Germany (Wireless Flash) -- Are friends and family raising a stink about your flatulence? Just rub your hands and watch the gas go away.

RUMOR DEBUNKED: HILLARY SWANK WON'T POSE FOR PLAYBOY LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- No nudes isn't good nudes for Hillary Swank fans. The "Chicago Tribune" is reporting "Playboy" is about to offer the

WEIRD AL YANKOVIC'S LAUNDRY LINT TO BE AUCTIONED OFF CHICAGO (Wireless Flash) -- Weird Al Yankovic's fans are just as weird as their idol: A group of Weird Al fanatics plans on auctioning off a bag of dryer lint that once belonged to the novelty singer.

ANIMAL ACTIVIST GROUP: `OWNERS' DON'T OWN PETS SAN FRANCISCO (Wireless Flash) -- A San Francisco-based animal activist group wants to ban the word "owner" from being used to describe people who have pets.

WHO HAS THE BETTER SEX LIFE: GORE OR BUSH? WATSONVILLE, Calif. (Wireless Flash) -- Al Gore and George W. Bush's lust for higher office also carries over to their bedrooms. According to astrologer Buryl Payne of politicalastrology.com,

`ADDAMS FAMILY'S JOHN ASTIN: `EDGAR ALLEN POE WOULD'VE BEEN A FAN' LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- Former "Addams Family" star John Astin is keeping true to his creepy roots: He's playing Edgar Allen Poe in a one-man show.

WILL HUBBLE TELESCOPE PROJECT REVEAL ALIEN LIFE? BALTIMORE (Wireless Flash) -- UFO enthusiasts may finally see if the "truth is out there" thanks to a new NASA project. For the first time ever, the space agency is asking John and Jane

NOVELIST HAS NOVEL APPROACHES TO RESEARCH NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- A science thriller writer has a novel method of gathering research: He personally practices each chase scene before he writes it.

COMPUTER-GEEK KITTIES: CATS GET INTERNET ACCESS RANDOLPH, Mass. (Wireless Flash) -- Want more proof folks are treating their pets too much like humans? How about an email service designed just for cats?