Headlines for: 06-13-2000

CBS PREJUDICED AGAINST POT-SMOKING SENIORS? SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash) -- A 69-year-old marijuana-smoking grandfather is accusing CBS television of being prejudiced against pot smokers.

ORGANIZATION TO RELEASE ALIEN SECRETS CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (Wireless Flash) -- The truth about extra terrestrials may soon be revealed. A newly formed organization called Disclosure News

JERRY VALE MOBBED WITH SUPPORT OVER `MOB HITS' PROVIDENCE, R.I. (Wireless Flash) -- Italian-American singer Jerry Vale says after filming TV commercials for the CD collection titled "Mob Hits," he now knows what it's like to be

DAVY JONES DOUBLE: HE'S THE BULGARIAN RICKY MARTIN LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- Playing Davy Jones might be an acting stretch for some, but not 19-year-old George Stanchev. The actor plays Jones in the upcoming VH-1 movie, "Daydream

VICTORIAN HOUSE NEEDED FOR SPANKING MOVIE ST. LOUIS, Mo. (Wireless Flash) -- Do you own a Victorian house? How'd you like to get paid $20,000 for 12 days of rent by a movie studio?

OLYMPIC ATHLETE TO JUMP ACROSS NYC IN A POTATO SACK NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Jumpin' Jehosophat! A former Olympic athlete is attempting to jump his way across Manhattan in a potato sack.

TONGUE-PIERCING TERROR: DROOL, DENTAL DAMAGE AND DEATH CHICAGO (Wireless Flash) -- The body piercing trend may be on its way out -- but tongue piercings are causing more pain than ever for dentists.

DO YOU HAVE THE WORLD'S UGLIEST FEET? KENNESAW, Georgia (Wireless Flash) -- If you think your feet are hideous looking, there's a rock musician in Georgia who wants to hear from you.

`WHAT'S YOUR SIGN?'-- ZODIAC FACIALS AGOURA, Calif. (Wireless Flash) -- Next time you hear the line "What's your sign?" it'll probably be in a beauty spa, not a singles bar.