Headlines for: 09-20-2000

BURIAL SERVICES SET FOR 600-POUND MADONNA IMPERSONATOR BROOKLYN, N.Y. (Wireless Flash) -- A 600-pound Madonna fan who called himself "Queerdonna" will be spending eternity with the Material Girl.

MICHAEL BOLTON: ROMANTIC MOVIE IDOL? NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Michael Bolton is planning a career change: He wants to become a romantic film idol. For the last few years, Bolton has been searching for

NEW DIET TECHNIQUE: `THE PIZZA PAT' NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Overweight pizza lovers may want to try a bizarre new diet technique -- "The Pizza Pat." It involves placing a folded paper towel on top of your

`SURVIVOR' INSPIRES SEX-FILLED RIP-OFF LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- Admit it: most folks who tuned in to "Survivor" had hoped the contestants would sleep together. Now you may get a chance with an adult-oriented

PERCY SLEDGE: A SOUL SURVIVOR OVER DIABETES MEMPHIS, Tenn. (Wireless Flash) -- Soul singer Percy Sledge knows something about being a soul survivor: He almost died from a case of undiagnosed diabetes.

CINCINNATI MAN HAS `WORLD'S MOST BEAUTIFUL FEET' CINCINNATI (Wireless Flash) -- A pharmacist in Cincinnati is walking tall with a unique honor: he possesses the World's Most Beautiful Feet.

FACE-LIFTS CAN CAUSE BALDNESS NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Here's the ugly truth about facelifts: they can cause you to lose your hair. That's according to New York-based hair transplantation

VENUS WILLIAMS: MOST VALUABLE OLYMPIC AUTOGRAPH DALLAS (Wireless Flash) -- Tennis star Venus Williams apparently has the "write stuff" with autograph collectors. According to the Beckett.com sports collectible website,

PARENTS EARN $5000 FOR NAMING BABY `IUMA' Hutchinson, Kan. (Wireless Flash) -- Would you want to name your baby "Iuma?" What if someone paid you $5000? A Kansas couple has won $5000 by naming their son Iuma