Headlines for: 11-09-2000

SPELLS MAY PREVENT TIE IN CANADIAN ELECTION HAMILTON, Ont. (Wireless Flash) -- Canada's federal election is set for November 27 and a Wiccan priest and computer programmer in Ontario hopes to prevent a tie situation like

MARYLAND COUPLE PLANS TOY STORE WEDDING OWINGS MILLS, Md. (Wireless Flash) -- Marriage isn't child's play, but don't tell that to a Maryland couple who will get married in a toy store later this morning (Nov. 10).

WORLD'S FIRST TUGBOAT HULA CONTEST HONOLULU (Wireless Flash) -- Like hula dancing? Well, this should float your boat: A tugboat hula contest. This Saturday (Nov. 11), the city of Honolulu will host

`BUBBA' BECOMES MAYOR FRESNO, Calif. (Wireless Flash) -- Californians are continuing their long tradition of electing actors to political office.

JACK NICHOLSON PROVES CRANKY MEN ARE SEXY NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Ever wonder how 66-year-old Jack Nicholson is able to date 30-year-old babes like "Practice" star Lara Flynn Boyle? Here's the secret: He's cranky in the

NEW EYEBALL TELESCOPE MAY PREVENT BLINDNESS HOUSTON (Wireless Flash) -- Scientists say a tiny telescope implanted into the eyeball may keep some senior citizens from going blind.

`RUGRATS' ACTRESS MISTAKEN FOR CHILD IN REAL-LIFE VALENCIA, Calif. (Wireless Flash) -- Some actors get annoyed at being mistaken for the fictional characters they play on TV -- but not "Rugrats" star Cheryl Chase.

WIRELESS FLASH NEWS BRIEFS HOLLYWOOD (Wireless Flash) -- Talk about pampered pooches: The puppies featured in the upcoming flick "102 Dalmatians" were treated like real divas. The crew arranged all filming

WINE-LOVERS TO ATTEMPT WORLD'S LONGEST CAN-CAN LINE BOSTON (Wireless Flash) -- A group of wine lovers in Boston is going to try as hard as it "can-can" to set a record for the world's longest can-can dance line.